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Dunking used to be a struggle for me. After just 2 weeks of using the Core Focus leaping technics, I'm jumping higher. I'm dunking the ball with ease! "
- Konfuzion, Ball Up Streetball Player, Team Hollywood Basketball Player

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Anyone Can Jump Higher

Learn to jump higher with an easy-to-follow guide from Core Focus. "Anyone Can Jump Higher" is a book full of jump workouts that are great for improving fitness and performance. The book is also full of QR codes that allow readers to view workout videos and images to illustrate the exercises described. Our techniques have been used successfully by professional athletes and NCAA Division I basketball players.

Before I even knew about the Core Focus Leap System I wasn't even able to grab the rim. Now I am grabbing the rim with ease! "
- Matthew Cote, Basketball Player

About Core Focus

Core Focus is a fitness company in New York City that has been in business since February 2009. Over the years, we have trained general fitness seekers, youth athletes, multiple Division I athletes, and professional athletes. Some of our clients include the talents of "The Pharmacist" (AND1 basketball player and former Harlem Globetrotter), Konfuzion (Ball Up Streetballer and Team Hollywood member), and Scott Machado (Iona College guard and 2012 NCAA assist leader). We also work closely with legendary coaches of the Jim Couch Foundation, as well as Jim Couch himself, first trainer of Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Diving is so much fun since I have read this book. I'm jumping higher, and doing more flips before I even come close to the water! "
- Sean Harmon, Diver