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Up your game with "Anyone Can Jump Higher" by Myron Jones-Roberson and Leroy Herbert. This book is the product of extensive research into anatomy and body mechanics. It takes you through proven exercises and workout routines that could increase your vertical leap by up to 70%. If you work hard, you will see results within a short period.

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The Jumping Myth Busted

There is a common myth that if you are born with a certain body type, it is not possible for you to achieve significant gains in your vertical leap. For example, someone who is too skinny or too heavy will not be capable of leaping higher. Our system debunks this myth, showing that leaping high into the air is not strictly a gift provided at birth. The Core Focus Leap System provides full-body development to bring your vertical leap to new altitudes through natural movements without the use of weights. We know that anyone can jump higher if they follow the workouts in this book.

What is the Vertical Leap?

The vertical leap is an explosive movement that occurs when you propel your body upward against the gravitational pull. This plyometric motion is typically executed to reach or catch an object that is suspended in the air (such as basketball hoop, a thrown football, or a volleyball). Since many sports require players to catch airborne objects, reach for objects that most cannot reach without jumping, and run at high speeds, training the vertical leap is important for a wide variety of sports, including:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Track & Field
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • And More

Sports such as dance and gymnastics typically do not require the athletes to leap to catch airborne objects; however, these sports still require participants to propel their bodies into the air to execute amazing aerial movements. The higher the athlete is able to jump, the more impressive the movement is. If you are dancer or gymnast, training the vertical leap is essential.

Why Should I Train the Vertical Leap?

The vertical leap is directly correlated with speed. This means that people who can propel their bodies 40 inches off the ground with their vertical leap can also run substantially faster than people who can only propel themselves 20 inches off the ground. This makes vertical leap training relevant for any athlete who has to run or jump. Individuals who do not jump as high, but run very quickly or have poor jumping mechanics will benefit from this training. We will elaborate on the proper jumping mechanics in the Anatomy of the Jump section.

What is the Core Focus Leap System?

The Core Focus Leap System is our approach to enhancing your vertical leap. Our system utilizes the Triple Effect™—flexibility, balance, and strength. Although many of the standard vertical leap enhancement programs may utilize body weight resistance, weight resistance, or band resistance training, none encompass every necessary physical attribute required to truly unlock your ability to change altitudes with your vertical jump. Many of these programs provide a tunnel vision approach to training this full-body skill, in the sense that they focus solely on leg strength. These programs fail to show athletes how to connect their upper-body strength with their lower-body strength and fail to include balance enhancement, flexibility, and proper core development. Furthermore, these standard programs bombard you with so many workouts that you may become confused and deterred from doing them altogether.

The Triple Effect™, on the other hand, provides you with quick gains of inches to your vertical leap while protecting your body from injuries due to cumbersome weightlifting. Our system also eliminates the fluff that comes with standard programs. The Core Focus Leap System provides you with six easy-to-follow exercises, presented in a manner that does not require you to take a physics, anatomy, or physiology course to understand. Our system is tailored to produce a world of athletes with springs for legs.